eficiencia energética industrial en Colombia
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  • Energy Management Systems (EnMS)

    Energy Management Systems (EnMS)

    EEI Colombia promotes the design, implementation and proper operation of an EnMS in industry, using as reference NTC-ISO 50001:2011. Colombian industry is trained to profit from the best international practices to systematically identify and bring to reality energy efficiency opportunities.


    EEI training courses are based on classroom lectures and completed with workshop sessions aimed to provide our EnMS trainee with all the tools necessary to implant and run an EnMS in any industry.


    As expected EEI Colombia outcome, industries from Eje Cafetero, Santander, Norte de Santander and Boyaca regions will effectively implement EnMS in their production facilities .



    Information on our EnMS training courses


    Prospective students:


    EnMS training courses are to be taken by industry top-management delegates, university faculty members, independent consultants. A thorough understanding of industry process is desired, and background experience in energy systems, and/or production, operation and maintenance is an asset .