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  • Energy end-use systems Optimization

    Energy end-use systems Optimization

    EEI Colombia will train energy efficiency professionals in the use of diagnostic and optimization techniques for energy end-use systems. Training is supervised by international experts, and will focus on the best-practices optimization techniques for energy systems in industrial facilities.


    Mraining approach includes not only the optimization of the energy user machines, but the components of the system. As such, energy savings opportunities can be identified up to 30% larger than those resulting from traditional piece of hardware replacement approach .


    System Optimization training courses will be open for:


            -  Motor systems optimization

            -  Pump systems optimization

            -  Steam systems optimization


    CAs a side activity, training events will be offered to sell force of energy systems vendor companies. This will allow for them to better understand their own portfolio, and their industrial client´s needs .


    Information on our System Optimization training courses:


    Prospective student:


    Engineering technicians and/or professionals, with experience in design, installation, operation and maintenance of industrial systems, with manufacturing industry background.