eficiencia energética industrial en Colombia
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    About Us

    The programme for the promotion of Industrial Energy Efficiency (EEI) is a joint initiative of the Mining and Energy planning unit- UPME and the United Nations Industrial development Organization-  UNIDO. Its final goal is to assist Colombian industries in the adoption of Energy Efficiency measures in order to reduce production costs and reduce GHG´s emissions; thus enhancing productivity and competitiveness, both necessary to reach and endure in new international and domestic markets.


    EEI programme aims to strengthen national Energy Efficiency technical and technological capacities, as support and leverage for national industry productivity. .


    EEI Colombia will vow for the adoption of technical regulations and voluntary standards for products and specialized services in Energy Efficiency, emphasizing on Energy Management Systems (EnMS), and energy end use system optimization (steam, pumping and motor systems) .


    The above mentioned efforts will rely on a thorough regulatory background fully aligned with international trends, and ready to demand top-class energy efficiency and energy management services .


    EEI Colombia is jointly implemented by UPME  and funded by the Green Environmental Facility – GEF, with technical assistance by UNIDO.